Beaches along the coast of Denmark,Western Australia

Denmark has many beautiful beaches:

Tree-covered hills, rivers, inlets and the Southern Ocean make Denmark's beaches quite unique. The rugged coastline means there are many separate beaches ending in ancient granite rocks, dune cliffs, or stretches of hills rolling into the ocean. This gives each beach it's own character, aspect, rip and weather conditions.

Soft white sand, clear blue water, fresh air, beautiful and peaceful surrounding, sports of all types possible...the beaches around the Denmark Region are reflective of all the best points about life in Australia!

To the West, towards Walpole, is the William Bay National Park and to the East is the West Cape Howe National Park!

Best Beaches in Denmark, Western Australia:

Starting with the most popular and easiest to get to, plus the nicest ones to view from the lookouts, the beaches of Denmark Western Australia are truly spectacular. The surf is best at Ocean Beach, and the lagoon of Greens Pool is incredible. Here are the beaches of Denmark WA that we recommend...

Greens Pool Beach, Denmark WA

Here are Denmark WA's Top Beaches:

#1: Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach, Denmark Western Australia

(Swimming between the Flags)

Denmark's closest and most popular beach. Just a short drive south of Denmark Town, the Denmark Surf Lifesaving Club is situated at Ocean Beach. Ocean Beach is popular with surfers because of it's great waves. Surfers seen daily. The Denmark Surf Life Saving Club patrol it on weekends from December to March. Perfect place to learn to surf with Mike Neunuebel of South Coast Surfing Lessons in the school holidays and throughout summer. This is Denmark's home-beach.

More about Ocean Beach

Lights Beach, Denmark Western Australia

#2: Lights Beach


Giant waves buffet the coastline along Lights Beach which is just outside the eastern boundary of William Bay National Park.

Lights Beach has three seperate beaches, one with a 'princess pool' where waves crash over rocks, pour down a waterfall and carve a long curving path back to the ocean. Part of the Bibbulmun Track.

More about Lights Beach

Greens Pool, William Bay, Denmark Western Australia

#3: Greens Pool


Safe for families and children due to the rock reef close to shore. Patrolled in summer holidays. Check with visitors centre or Denmark Shire to be sure. This is truly one of the most magnificent places along the South Coast, the Rainbow Coast. Located in William Bay National Park, west of town (approx 15km), close to Elephant Rocks, Madfish Bay, Waterfall Beach. Truly awesome.

Visit Greens Pool
Elephant Cove William Bay, Denmark Western Australia

#4: Elephant Rocks & Elephant Cove


Larger waves than Greens Pool though the shallow sloping beach is great for getting your feet wet between these stone giants. The Elephants of Elephant Rocks are giant rounded boulders, orange and brown, like elephants wading in the cove. This place is truly special.

Visit Elephant Rocks

Denmark WA Most Popular Beaches:

Denmark WA Beaches Map: Visting Western Australia Denmark Beaches Map
From William Bay National Park in the West, Ocean Beach, Ligts Beach and Nullaki Peninsula. Visit the Denmark Beaches Map
Ocean Beach, Denmark Western Australia Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach is Denmark's closest and most family-friendly beach. Surfing & SLSC with an incredible lookout. Visit Ocean Beach
Lights Beach, Denmark Western Australia Lights Beach
Several inspiring lookouts, paved walkways east & west, gorgeous beaches. Part of the Mund Biddi Bike Trail & the Bibbulmun Track. Visit Lights Beach.
Parry Inlet, Denmark Western Australia Parry Beach
Parry Beach is located at the western end of William Bay National Park. A popular school-holiday destination for campers, surfers and swimmers. Visit Parry Inlet.
Anvil Beach, Denmark Western Australia Anvil Beach
A beautiful beach on the south side of Nullaki Peninsula. Allow 30-40 mins drive from town. White sand and sea breezes. Visit Anvil Beach.
Greens Pool, Denmark Western Australia Greens Pool
SAFE SWIMMING Fifteen kilometers west of Denmark is magnificent Greens Pool. Sheltered by rounded rock reef. Visit Greens Pool.
Elephant Rocks & Elephant Cove, Denmark Western Australia Elephant Rocks & Cove
The giant elephants stand together facing into the waves of the Great Southern Ocean. Visit the Elephant Rocks
Madfish Bay Western Australia Madfish Bay
Just over the rise from Waterfall beach, an island rests close to the shore. The waves at this beach come from two different directions. A sand and wood staircase leads directly onto the beach. Visit Madfish Bay.

Other beaches of Denmark WA include:

Waterfall Beach Western Australia Waterfall Beach
The beach is somewhat sheltered with beautiful turquoise waters. The waterfall is on the far side of the beach, to the left from the carpark. Visit Waterfall Beach.
Mazzoletti Beach Mazzoletti Beach
Mazzoletti Beach stretches from Greens Pool in the East (by foot) to Parry Beach in the West (by car) where it crosses the Parry Inlet at Parry Beach on the far western side of the National Park. Visit Mazzoletti Beach.
Peaceful Bay, Denmark Western Australia Peaceful Bay
Peaceful Bay is located approximately 45km west of Denmark, past William Bay National Park, and left at Bow Bridge, or 30k east of Walpole. Visit Peaceful Bay.
Accommodation Denmark Western Australia Accommodation
An inspiring selection of quality Denmark holiday accommodation type set in and around Denmark. Find your Accommodation in Denmark.
Shopping in Denmark Western Australia Shopping in Denmark
The small quaint town atmosphere coupled with the exquisite range of fabulous boutique stores will have you coming back just to shop. Go Shopping in Denmark.
Eating in Denmark Western Australia Eating in Denmark
Enjoy great value, delicious food in a variety of cafes, restaurants, bakeries, gelateries, wine bars and cellar doors in and around Denmark Town. Eat in Denmark.
Wine in Denmark Western Australia Denmark Wineries
Denmark has been a major producer of red and white cool climate wine for over thirty years. Perfect for the wine lovers out there! Visit the Denmark Wineries.
Denmark Western Australia on the South Coast of Western Australia is part of a national biosphere area and deserves our care and respect. Please try to be responsible for your environmental impact when visiting Denmark WA.

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