Welcome to the incredible Greens Pool

Sheltered turquoise cove

Fifteen kilometers to the west of Denmark is the magical Greens Pool!

Almost completely sheltered from the waves of the Great Southern Ocean by the rounded rock boulders typical to this area, Greens Pool is a beautiful beach and swimming paradise.

Walking into the water from the beach, you will notice the gradual slope, allowing children of all ages to experience the ocean in an safer and more comfortable location than the unabashed waves elsewhere along the coast. This beach is THE most popular beach for it's beauty and unbelievable setting. 

Greens Pool, Williams Bay National Park, Denmark, Western Australia

Always a favourite

Greens Pool has been a favourite beach location since the European settlement and is one of the most visited places in Denmark because of its tranquil beauty.

Swim school happens at Greens Pool each summer, and is the ideal place to learn open-water swimming as the rock reef keeps the waters of Greens Pool calm throughout the year.

The beach gradually decends into the water and is easy for youngsters and oldsters to paddle safely in the beautiful lagoon.

At the far western end of Greens Pool are several large rock formations as the reef begins to disappear and open up onto Mazzoletti Beach, a 5km beach stretching towards Parry Beach many, many kilometers to  the west. 

Greens Pool, Williams Bay National Park, Denmark, Western Australia

A sight to behold

Seriously, bring your camera to the lookout -  you'll WANT to take a picture. The typical bluey-blue skies of southern Western Australia along with the white sand and turquoise waters are always a sight to behold.  

The carpark and entrance to Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks, Madfish Bay, Waterfall Beach and the rest of William Bay National Park has been recently redeveloped to accommodate visitors more comfortably.

There are toilets and changing facilities at the carpark above Greens Pool. Remember; there are LOTS of stairs down from the carpark to the Greens Pool Beach. Take it slow, rest if required.  

The enjoyment of this piece of paradise is influenced by those using the beach. Please be courteous and respectful of others as you enjoy your holiday to Denmark WA. We're all looking to make special, meaningful memories, and a smile and good nature goes a LONG WAY nowadays. See you on the beach!

Greens Pool, Williams Bay National Park, Denmark, Western Australia

Videos of Greens Pool:

Map to Greens Pool

Lookout & Facilities

Greens Pool's calm turquoise waters is always a great sight. From the lookout you can see out over the beach and along the sweeping stretch of Mazzoletti Beach in the distance. The descent is a sealed path, gradually sloping to the top of the stairs which will take you onto the sand. It's just a few minutes from the carpark to the beach.

What makes Greens pool so divine?

Green’s Pool is surrounded by gradually sloping rock formations cut with small crevasses and pools – perfect for children young and old. The calm waters of Greens Pool are very clearly seen in this video of Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool from Tower Hill. The video starts with the backs of the elephants, and pans west (right) to Greens Pool.

Rocky Rounded Boulders

On days when the wind is up, the rocks make a perfect shelter for enjoying a wind-free day at the beach.

Many an older adventurer has been seen jumping from the single square-topped boulder in the centre of the pool. If you are into snorkeling, the wave-less waters make it easy to spot multitudes of fish of all sizes – from hand size schools to large sting-rays.

To the east, the sloping rocks increase in size and height as they move towards Elephant Rocks and Elephant Cove just a short walk across the headland. Vising Elephant Rocks from Greens Pool is possible, but you'll have to remember to walk back the way you came to get back to your car.

Greens Pool, Williams Bay National Park, Denmark, Western Australia

William Bay National Park, Denmark

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Denmark Western Australia on the South Coast of Western Australia is part of a national biosphere area and deserves our care and respect. Please try to be responsible for your environmental impact when visiting Denmark WA.

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