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Explore the beautiful Denmark Region of Western Australia in your own way with this ultimate list of TOP 10 places to visit (and things to do) in Denmark Western Australia. Family-friendly too!

The Denmark Region is a captivating haven nestled in the heart of the enchanting Rainbow Coast. With its ancient natural wonders, this area beckons travellers from afar. From majestic towering trees to rolling green hills, pristine white sandy beaches to sweeping sea cliffs, and ancient boulders to rugged sea rocks, this destination is an idyllic haven for visitors of all ages, promising an unforgettable holiday experience. There's so many fabulous destinations in Denmark that it's hard to narrow it down to 10, but here goes...
Greens Pool William Bay, Denmark WA
Greens Pool William Bay, Denmark WA


#1: Greens Pool

Greens Pool is exquisitely beautiful anytime of year but the lure of the calm turquoise water and pristine white sand in the hotter months is hard to beat!

Set within William Bay National Park and only 15 minutes outside Denmark town it has sheltered swimming perfect for families, beach walks and great access to both biking and walking trails. Beyond the imposing rock guardians that protect the rock pool, the magic unfolds along Mazzoletti Beach. It's no wonder that Greens Pool is one of the most sought-after destinations in Western Australia.

Monkey Rock

Top View

#2: Monkey Rock

This ancient and impressive rock formation stands splendidly overlooking the tree covered land out over the stunning Denmark coastline. Monkey Rock is both exhilarating to climb to and amazing to walk on, it is well worth the effort, especially on a clear day! See out beyond Nullaki to the East and William Bay National Park to the West. Pack for a walk and children should be supervised at all times.

Elephant Rock


#3: Elephant Rocks

Embark on a short but captivating walk trail from the car park, leading you to a lookout that unveils the majestic Elephant Rocks in all their glory. Soak up the ancient ambience by the stone elephants who stand strong looking out to sea from the bay at Elephant Cove. Set within William Bay National Park, Elephant Rocks is a gorgeous destination to enjoy a fresh secluded swim, snorkle, rock climb and both walking and biking trails.

Ocean Beach

Best Beach

#4: Ocean Beach

Denmark's favourite local beach offers great waves for surfing, including for beginners, relaxed swimming and sheltered water. White sands and impressive dunes stretch along the Nullaki peninsula offering a great walk. Home to the Surf Club, Ocean Beach is patrolled on summer weekends. The beachfront kiosk and grassy areas offer a perfect picnic location!

The Valley of the Giants

Walk the Valley

#5: The Valley of the Giants

Walk among the ancient red and yellow Tingle trees on an impressive steel structure providing a unique opportunity to walk at canopy height. The trail is suitable for anyone capable of walking a few hundred metres and provides a safe and enjoyable adventure for families with children. The majestic ancient tingle forest can be explored at ground level and the education centre and gift shop offer a great overall visitor experience!

West Cape Howe

Southernmost Point of Western Australia

#6: West Cape Howe

The most Southerly Point of Western Australia, West Cape Howe National Park boasts the spectacular Shelley Beach. Visit the lookout for sensory delight and access the world class walking trails. Immerse yourself in a landscape of untamed beauty, where nature's elements collide in a symphony of awe-inspiring sights. Behold towering cliffs that stand defiantly against the crashing waves, while white sand beaches stretch out as far as the eye can see.

Heritage Rail Bridge

Denmark's Historic Rail Bridge

#7: Heritage Rail Bridge

This peaceful walking and biking trail starts at the historic Railway Bridge, at the mouth of the Denmark River and winds it’s way along through the forest along the edge of the Wilson Inlet. A gazebo and picnic area at the bridge make this an ideal place to start your trip. You can swim in the river here and also take a leisurely walk into town only a few kms away. At the rivermouth parking area, you'll often be treated to the sight of graceful Black Swans and majestic Pelicans in their flocks.

Heritage Rail Bridge

Lights Beach

#8: Lights Beach

Lights beach offers many different experiences and is beautiful in both directions. Immerse yourself in a captivating journey of diverse coastal beauty, as you explore the array of stunning beaches at Lights, each offers a unique and unforgettable experience. From the lookout, behold the incredible views towards Wilson Head that will leave you in awe.

Wilson Inlet

Wilson Inlet

#9: The Wilson Inlet

The Wilson Inlet, stretching over a distance of more than 20kms, is fed from the Denmark and Hay Rivers and is less than a kilometre south of town. Embraced by the Nullaki peninsula on the southern side, this majestic water is divided from the ocean by a sandbar which covers the opening much of the year. Denmark Town is on the northern side of the inlet along the Denmark River.The Wilson Inlet is a haven for an abundant array of fish and bird species.

Denmark Town

The Heart of Denmark

#10: Denmark Town

Denmark, a truly magnificent destination, graces the edge of the Southern Ocean like a precious gem. This enchanting town finds its place amidst a stunning backdrop of karri, eucalyptus, jarrah, and tingle forests, creating a harmonious blend of natural beauty. Enjoy a stroll through the peaceful town, browse the unique stores and enjoy alfresco and undercover dining along the main street and riverside. Denmark Western Australia is one of the most beautiful country towns in Australia.

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Denmark Western Australia on the South Coast of Western Australia is part of a national biosphere area and deserves our care and respect. Please try to be responsible for your environmental impact when visiting Denmark WA.

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