4 Wheel Driving in Denmark WA
Western Australia

Denmark and the South Coast of WA offer much to the 4 Wheel Driving enthusiast and casual four-wheel driver. There are many 4wd tracks and trails throughout the region.

The Department of Environment and conservation states on their website: "4WD vehicle owners and drivers who access public lands have a responsibility or 'duty of care' to help protect Western Australia's flora, fauna and natural landscapes so that future generations of users will be able to enjoy what we now take for granted."

It is important to remember that 4 Wheel Driving can be dangerous to the inexperienced driver. Ensure you have taken the time and effort to thoroughly plan your adventure. If you are planning to head to remote areas (for instance Bornholm Beach at West Cape Howe) it is important to notify someone of your trip and your estimated time of return.

4 Wheel Driving in Albany, Denmark & Walpole, Western Australia

Where to 4 Wheel Drive?

Some of the most accessible Four Wheel Driving tracks include Torbay Inlet (near Albany), Peaceful Bay (towards Walpole), and William Bay National Park's Mazzoletti Beach. One of the most secluded and dramatic is Boat Harbour.

Probably the most challenging beach of all (which we DO NOT RECOMMEND visiting without a serious 4WD, supplies, and radio) is Bornholm Beach at West Cape Howe. (Reported to be one of the most difficult beaches to access in all of Australia!)

We recommend stopping at the local Visitors Centres to see which tracks are open and whether your vehicle is equipped to manage such trails. If in doubt, DONT. Getting bogged is NOT fun.

Environmental Note

4 Wheel Driving in Albany, Denmark & Walpole, Western Australia

Places to 4WD in Denmark

William Bay National Park
Visit Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks plus Mazzoletti Beach and Tower Hill what a place. Madfish Bay and Waterfall Beach are also here. Visit William Bay National Park
William Bay National Park
Boat Harbour
The path through Quarrum Nature Reserve which leads to Boat Harbour offers great views of the Southern Ocean. Visit Boat Harbour
Boat Harbour
Mazzoletti Beach
Mazzoletti Beach stretches from Greens Pool in the East by foot to Parry Beach in the West. Almost the entire coastal distance of William Bay National Park. Visit Mazzoletti Beach
Mazzoletti Beach
Peaceful Bay
Peaceful Bay beach is split in two by the Irwin Inlet as it discharges into the ocean. Sand dunes abound. Visit Peaceful Bay
Peaceful Bay
Wilson Head
Wilson Head marks the eastern perimeter of Ratcliffe Bay, stretching out into the Great Southern Ocean. Visit Wilson Head
Wilson Head

There is an Australian National Four-Wheel Driver's Code of Ethics:

  1. Obey the laws and regulations for recreational vehicles that apply to public lands.
  2. Respect the cultural, heritage and environmental values of private/public land, by obeying restrictions that may apply.
  3. Respect our flora and fauna. Stop and look, but never disturb.
  4. Keep to formed vehicle tracks.
  5. Keep the environment clean. Carry your own, and any other, rubbish out.
  6. Keep your vehicle mechanically sound and clean to reduce the environmental impact.
  7. Adopt minimal impact camping and driving practices.
  8. Seek permission before driving on private land. Do not disturb livestock or watering points, leave gates as found.
  9. Take adequate water, food, fuel, basic spares and a first aid kit on trips. In remote areas travel with another vehicle and have Royal Flying Doctor Service, or equivalent, radio contact.
  10. Enjoy your recreaction and respect the rights of others.
  11. Plan ahead and lodge trip details with a responsible person.
  12. Support 4WD touring as a responsible and legitimate family recreational activity. Consider joining an affiliated 4WD club.

"All vehicles are required to stay on established roads or tracks. Vehicles may only be used off a public road or track (e.g. a beach) if an area has been designated for such use. In the case of national parks and conservation parks, this designation is generally conferred through the preparation of a management plan, which involves extensive public participation. Similarly, off-road vehicle use in all other reserves and State Forest is not permitted, unless so designated. In other words, ‘bush bashing' or travelling cross-country is not allowed." ~ Dept of Environment and Conservation

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Denmark Western Australia on the South Coast of Western Australia is part of a national biosphere area and deserves our care and respect. Please try to be responsible for your environmental impact when visiting Denmark WA.

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