The Dam

The Dam

The diverse range of Raintree sustainably produced products, are available at our on-site Shop or delivered to your door!

Step into The Dam, our stunning new venue that serves as the gateway to Raintree Estate. Spanning over 880 acres of sustainable farming and agribusiness, we produce the finest quality produce that we incorporate into our artisanal products. Shop at The Dam or online, and transport yourself to Denmark and The Great Southern from anywhere in the world. If you're looking for something to add to your pantry, our Gourmet Truffle range is the perfect choice. Discover our Gourmet Raintree Black Truffle Sauce, Raintree Truffle Mustard, Raintree Truffle Honey, and Raintree Truffle Oil, all made with truffles foraged from our Raintree orchards. Savour the flavours of The Great Southern with our range of Raintree Wines and experience our range of spirits, seltzers, and ginger beers, distilled from Cannabis Sativa (hemp) that we harvest on Raintree Estate. Treat Yourself to Something Special: Shop Raintree Estate's Pantry & Cellar and Find Your Perfect Gift.

Telephone: 0436 397 270
Address: 305 Wentworth Rd, Denmark, 6333 WA

How does The Dam prefer me to book?

The Dam prefers clients book direct with them on or Telephone: 0436 397 270
The Dam

Where is The Dam located?

The Dam is located in Denmark, Western Australia.
The Dam

Where can I find out more about The Dam?

Visit The Dam at or phone: 0436 397 270
The Dam

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