Arts & Entertainment in Denmark, Western Australia

Arts and Entertainment in Denmark, Western Australia

In Denmark WA and surrounds there is a great mix of culture and arts. From art galleries to public art, musicals and pantomimes, open mic and world-class musicians, Denmark WA is brimming with the arts. In this look at the Arts and Entertainment culture of Denmark, it's important tthat we acknowledge Indigenous Australians (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders) as the first inhabitants and Traditional Land Owners of Australia as well as their presence and contributions to the land on which Denmark sits, both in the past, the present and into the future.

The arts, both musical and articsic, are influenced by the history of this very special place; Denmark Western Australia.

Denmark Arts:

Denmark Arts, Denmark WA

Denmark Arts is the peak body for arts within the Shire of Denmark. Committed to fostering a vibrant and dynamic artistic community, Denmark Arts aims to establish a creative arts hub in the heart of Denmark, its mission lies in the empowerment of individuals and communities. The primary goal of Denmark Arts is to act as a catalyst, fostering an atmosphere of encouragement, inspiration, and support for a diverse array of arts and cultural activities. It fosters creativity and community through exceptional programs.

Denmark Arts Denmark Arts Festivals

The two Denmark Arts Festivals are Brave New Works, celebrating innovation in community arts, and the Denmark Festival of Voice, elevating diverse vocal expressions. These fabulous festivals run every year in January and June respectively. Brave New Works, a unique community arts festival, encourages artists at any stage of development to showcase their works, celebrating bravery and innovation. The Denmark Festival of Voice elevates diverse voices, uniting music, storytelling, spoken word, poetry, and experimental performance.

Denmark Arts Artist in Residence Programme

Supporting visiting artists with enriching six-week residencies, encouraging collaboration and idea exchange.

Denmark Arts Youth Advisory Group

Empowering young talents to shape programming and organize youth-run events, providing a safe space for artistic growth and expression.

Denmark Arts School Holiday Programmes

Local artists facilitate creative workshops in various art forms, allowing youth to explore their creativity and develop new skills.

The Artshouse

Providing versatile spaces for hire, including meeting rooms, performance areas, and a sheltered courtyard, fostering a vibrant hub for artistic gatherings and events.

Denmark Arts Equipment Hire

Offering a range of tech and event equipment available for members, facilitating arts and cultural activities.

Denmark Arts Gallery Hire

Allowing members to showcase their 2D visual artwork in the Denmark Arts hallway, providing exposure to their creative expressions.

Regular Group Activities

Weekly gatherings of diverse groups, such as Denmark Weavers, Catch Music, and the Drumming Group, encouraging artistic collaboration and community connections.

Denmark Arts Events

Year-Round events unite the community through creativity and entertainment, such as film screenings, workshops, performances, and competitions. These diverse and engaging occasions bring the community together, offering opportunities for artistic exploration, entertainment, and skill-building.

Denmark Arts Membership

Denmark Arts takes pride in its inclusive approach, welcoming members of all ages and cultural backgrounds. The active involvement of members is vital in shaping the creative programs and artistic vision of Denmark Arts while ensuring the ArtsHouse remains a warm and inviting community arts hub. Support the Arts in Denmark by becoming a Member today!

Denmark Arts Building Denmark Arts Building Denmark Arts Building Denmark Arts Building Denmark Arts Building Denmark Arts Building

Performers and Local Talent

Gertrude Wellease

Gertrude WellEase, an expert at entertaining audiences, brings joy to any event. With the ability to create a unique and unforgettable experience for guests, children, or businesses, Gertrude can cater to parties, festivals, and team-building exercises alike. For an engaging and delightful touch at your next event, reach out to learn more about Gertrude WellEase's exceptional entertainment services. Check out the FACEBOOK PROFILE

Gertrude Wellease


Be mesmerised by Spiralight, the impressive spinning flow art sound and colourful light shows!  A captivating fusion of parties, events, pre-event, intermission, and post-event light shows, between 3 and 8 minutes long, that are guaranteed to engage and amaze your audience. The perfect addition to elevate the excitement of your upcoming party or event. Check it out.

Spiralight, Darshan Clark

Denmark Galleries:

Immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene of Denmark, Western Australia. Discover diverse exhibitions, showcasing exceptional works by resident and regional artists. Unearth hidden treasures, where mythical tales and nature's beauty intertwine, provoking contemplation. Delight in the captivating history of surfing through beautifully restored vintage surfboards. Experience a unique blend of art and wine, accompanied by awe-inspiring sculptural woodwork.

Explore a dynamic space offering art classes, workshops, and quirky gifts. Journey into the ancient majesty and grandeur of the south coast landscape through captivating ceramic artworks. Witness the art of glassworking by skilled artisans. Find one-of-a-kind, locally crafted treasures, reflecting the rich talents of the community, and enjoy the galleries of Denmark, Western Australia.

Butter Factory Studios

Discover the creative haven at Butter Factory Studios. Immerse yourself in a vibrant contemporary art gallery and gift shop, showcasing the exceptional works of ten resident artists, regional talents, and captivating guest exhibitions, while also fostering a dynamic community arts experience in the heart of the Old Butter Factory alongside the delightful Mrs. Jones cafe restaurant.

Denmark Riverfront Gallery

Experience the artistic essence of the Great Southern at Denmark Riverfront Gallery, where a diverse exhibition celebrates the talents of numerous local artists. Nestled in a picturesque location, opposite the serene Denmark River, this artist-run gem offers affordable prices, making it a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts seeking a delightful and enriching gallery experience.

Sister's of Eve Art Gallery

Nestled along Mount Shadforth Rd, prepare to be enchanted by Carol's awe-inspiring artworks at this hidden treasure. Each piece, a mythical tale, intertwines the beauty of nature and the human spirit, accompanied by profound stories that captivate and provoke contemplation. With Carol's warm hospitality and intricate, jeweled-framed originals and quality prints, this gallery promises a delightful journey into the depths of art and imagination.

The Surf Gallery

Discover the captivating history of surfing from early Polynesia to the present day, just 15 minutes from Denmark. This superbly curated exhibition features over 80 beautifully restored vintage surfboards, showcasing the evolutionary changes in design, form, and color, alongside vintage skateboards, surf photography, and digitally remastered footage from the 1970s. Enjoy a leisurely self-guided tour, accompanied by detailed information about each iconic surfboard on display.

Moombaki Wines Art and Wood Gallery

At Moombaki Cellar Door, experience a unique blend of art and wine with stunning artworks by resident award-winning artist Melissa Boughey and awe-inspiring sculptural woodwork by Tony Docherty, offering lovely mementos of your trip south. Also, discover David Britten's exquisite hand-crafted furniture, all designed in collaboration with clients using recycled Marri and Jarrah wood from the Great Southern.

The Mixing Pot Art Gallery

The Mixing Pot Art Gallery showcases Christine Harrison's diverse artworks and hosts seasonal exhibitions for local artists. This vibrant space also offers art classes, study skills, and creative writing workshops, featuring large paintings, encaustic work, print-making, pottery, jewelry, basketry, and quirky gifts.

Jonathan Hook Ceramics

Visit this architecturally designed studio and gallery space, offering sweeping views of the Scotsdale and Denmark valleys to Mount Lindesay. This exclusive venue is the only place to purchase Jonathan Hook’s exquisite creations, focusing on tableware, vases, decorative urns, and captivating ceramic artworks, all inspired by the ancient majesty and grandeur of the south coast landscape.

Michael Cartwright Art at Gallery 2

Discover the vibrant world of Australian Landscape Artist Michael Cartwright through a unique and colorful display of oil paintings capturing the beauty of WA's south coast and the timeless Outback landscape. Explore Michael's distinct techniques traditional, semi-abstract, and whimsical at Gallery 2, Strickland Street, where his award-winning art comes to life.

The Torbay Glass Studio and Gallery

Owned and operated by Mark Hewson and Paris Johansen, this gallery in Kronkup, 20 minutes outside Denmark, showcases a stunning collection of functional, decorative, and contemporary glass artworks, sculptural pieces, and exquisite jewelry. With 26 years of expertise, they invite visitors to their studio workshop to witness glass-working techniques.

Wholly Local

You'll find a delightful array of locally made products, from artisan crafts to gifts, homewares, jewelry, hair, and beauty products, all crafted with passion and care. The diverse and talented community produces unique and special handcrafted items, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Local Theatre

Denmark Village Theatre

Step into the magical world of Denmark Village Theatre! Established in 1983, this delightful Denmark theatre company stages an annual pantomime in January that sells out quickly, so don't miss out – secure your tickets online or at Morrisons Newsagency. With a perfect blend of old-fashioned panto humour and playful jokes targeting beloved local establishments, it's a laughter-filled night for the whole family. Join in on the fun at the Denmark Civic Centre, where Tennis Club refreshments during the interval add a delicious touch to the experience. Thank you to the Denmark Community and visitors for over 40 years of supporting this fantastic family entertainment! Become a fan.

Denmark Village Theatre

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